Avoiding Unnecessary Event Planning Expenses

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In the modern age of globalisation and easy travel, many companies are required to send their employees to travel to different places a lot.
Additionally, more and more companies organise trips and events for company representation or for their employees, often to build and nurture their company culture.

Events, business travel and trips are often an integral part to businesses but they can become very costly if not well managed.
This article aims to help businesses reduce some of the expenses associated with the planning of events, so if you are regularly involved in this part of your business, read on to find out how you could be saving funds to be invested in other parts of the business!

Online platforms

Are you still spending large sums on telephone bills? Start using online services like Skype, Google Hangouts or Viber to cut down on telephone costs. They are easy to use and basically offer the same service as a phone, just online.

For planning and scheduling, agendas are indispensable but nowadays they can easily be done online at zero cost. Use free-of-charge services such as Google Calendar to cut down any expenses in that area.

There are multiple online tools to collect and coordinate feedback, so after any event make sure to receive productive feedback and to organise it to be useful for the next event.

Make smart choices

Invest time into looking into the accommodation you are booking for a trip or the venue you are renting for an event. Take the time to compare all of your options, including new opportunities such as Airbnb as accommodation. Start comparing well in advance, it will save you a lot of money.

It can be very useful to work with corporate travel agencies or providers, even if you do not save money, you are sure to save time.It can be very useful to work with corporate travel agencies or providers, even if you do not save money, you are sure to save time.

Avoid and minimise unexpected expenses

Opt for reservations that allow changes in dates or refunds in case of cancellation to avoid large expenditures in case something in your planning changes. If cancellations are not possible with your booking, consider investing in cancellation insurance. Whether cancellation insurance is essential depends on how high you estimate the chances of needing to change venue or accommodation.

Returning to previously used accommodation or venues can be helpful in avoiding any unwanted surprises but always have a plan B in case something does go wrong.

Overall, travelling and event expenses are mostly reduced by careful planning done well in advance. Do devote enough time to your planning in order to avoid surprises and to get the best deal available to you.



Sara Mohn
Sara Mohn
Content Writer at NoviCap

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