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There is changing climate in the world and in businesses. People are having to adapt and react daily to various situations that arise. With this constantly changing culture, the role a CEO holds is also going to have to change. In the future certain traits are going to be the key for a CEO to be successful.

These 3 traits are going to have a big impact on whether a CEO is successful or not in the future

Impact in the culture

Does a candidate “fit in” with the company? Do the values of the company and the candidate align? This is something that can make or break a candidate for hire. It is important for the candidate to mesh with the company. When hiring, the board must look at the current company culture and the direction it is heading in the future. A candidate must not change the company culture, but alter it in order to better achieve its goals.

When millennials are looking for work, more and more, they are looking for a company with a strong culture. They want a company where the employees look forward to going to work, enjoy what they do, and have personal connections with their coworkers. A CEO creates this culture and has the greatest impact on how it is implemented.


Businesses are continually changing and reinventing themselves. Technology plays a key factor in this. There is always a new product or system that can help improve your business, but it can also destroy your business if you do not make the improvements needed. Successful CEOs have the ability to embrace change in all aspects. They have a plan and ideas on how to fix or alter the plan if it does not go accordingly. This plan helps to ‘keep the trains running’ even if there are curves along the way.

Flexibility not only involves being able to adapt to a new plan if needed, but also being able to change the tasks of others. Knowing people’s strengths and weaknesses can help get to the core of what each team member can add. It is important to be aware of these and to use team member’s differences to leverage your team.


Millennials grew up encouraged to share, innovate and collaborate work. That being said, CEOs will have to change their style of managing. They will have to embrace less of a top-down management structure to more of a flat and open structure, moving away from corner offices toward an open floor layout. Encouraging open communication through all levels of management will enhance the collective environment.

With the increase in collaboration, it is important to make sure to maintain credibility. Once you lose credibility, it is impossible to regain it. People need to trust the CEO and believe that they are directing them in the correct way. Being transparent when speaking with team members will help to build trust in which helps to build productive collaboration.

The way people interact in the workforce is constantly changing. Team members have to learn and change with the business. For a CEO, some of these changes will come naturally, however some are qualities that take constant work. A CEO will need to embrace change, have an inclusive and open work environment and be able to establish a strong company culture that the rest of the company can get behind. Hiring managers that are open to change and adapting will help the CEO and the business.



Sara Mohn
Sara Mohn
Content Writer at NoviCap

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