A new product structure and brand identity for Novicap

Novicap NewsNovember 23, 2021

Novicap offers the most advanced working capital solutions to help businesses drive their business forward. Since our inception in 2015, thousands of businesses have chosen Novicap’s solutions to manage and optimise their working capital.

Novicap’s product and customer success team is constantly evaluating how to create value for clients and provide them with the most intuitive working capital platform. That is why today we’re announcing a new product structure and brand identity.

An end-to-end working capital solution

Last year, Novicap added Dynamic Discounting to its product suite following clients’ demand for a supplier early pay solution that deploys their excess liquidity into the supply chain and earns them attractive returns.

Dynamic discounting is complementary to Novicap’s credit products which include Receivables Factoring and Supply Chain Finance. 

Novicap’s platform now offers all these and future products in a modular way, i.e. a client can contract one or multiple products on a needs-basis via Novicap’s main working capital management and optimisation platform.

Updated client functionalities of the platform include:

  • A new, intuitive and fast way to navigate between product modules
  • Real-time visibility over a client’s headroom available for all working capital solutions
  • An improved settings and profile to manage users and authorisations

A new brand entity

Following the unprecedented challenges faced by businesses during the covid-19 crisis, Novicap reinforces its purpose and role in supporting businesses grow with a new baseline: “Driving your business forward”

Coupled with a new baseline, the logo and typography have been redesigned to be more in line with the current design trends and represent the positive impact Novicap aims for.

The new brand identity is reflected on all Novicap assets, both physical and digital, to create a consistent experience in all stakeholder interactions.



Luciana Kooke
Luciana Kooke
Marketing Assistant bij Novicap

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