Case Study: Nomen Foods

Tradition and innovation, the base for the best rice dishes.

Nomen Foods  is the reference company in the planting, processing and distribution of the best rice around the world. Nomen is a company with more than 150 years of history that in recent years decided to make a business turn to become a Limited Company to enhance its growth and bet on innovation. Deepening the nutritional value of rice through collaborations with universities such as the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and using 4.0 technologies to improve performance in rice processing.

Nomen’s job is to keep intact the essential characteristics that make its rice a unique product. This is a company committed to always reaching the consumer without exception with the security of acquiring a quality product, one of the most important within the Mediterranean Diet.

They have a commitment to collaborate with distributors and processing industries to extend and enhance their consumption. All these commitments add value to the effort of each one of the farmers that work the rice fields for Nomen. For Nomen it is an exceptional privilege to cultivate the fields of the Delta del Ebro Natural Park, a protected area where you can breathe the rice essence of years
and years of tradition.

  • Nomen is a company that is very intensive in the use of capital due to the particular nature of its sector.
  • This situation has led them to seek a financing alternative that suits their operational needs and allows them to improve their cash flow.
  • The relationship between both companies began with a Factoring line for large distribution areas managed by purchasing centres.
The fit between Nomen Foods and NoviCap

The fit between Nomen Foods and NoviCap Nomen is a very intensive company in the use of working capital due to the nuances of its sector. On the one hand, they have to buy all the rice they are going to distribute during the rest of the year on a specific date, and on the other hand, their customers buy the rice throughout the year. These include, for example, large distribution chains with a lot of bargaining power to defer payments from 60 to 120 days. Add to that the operational complexity of the sector by the number of invoices issued, the amount of them and the intermediation of a central purchasing body. This situation has led them to look for a financing alternative that adapts to their operational needs and allows them to improve their cash flow.

“NoviCap has allowed us access to a new traditional non-bank financing, with new possibilities and financing instruments at a reasonable cost and easy to manage”

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