Supplier Payments Program

With Novicap’s Supplier Payments Program you will have more flexibility to decide when and how to pay your suppliers, optimising your excess liquidity and your bank financing.

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  • Improve your profitability, without risk, by


  • Implementation time

    5 days

  • Full online platform


Our Supplier Payments Program Solutions

Dynamic Discounting

With Novicap’s Dynamic Discounting you will have more flexibility to decide when and how to pay your suppliers, optimising your excess liquidity and your idle cash, generating a risk-free return.


  • Pay your suppliers with idle cash
  • Integrate with your ERP or accounting system
  • Improve your supply chain

Supply Chain Finance

With Novicap’s Supply Chain Finance you will have more flexibility to decide when and how to pay your suppliers by integrating your bank finance providers.


  • Integrate your bank finance providers
  • Pay your suppliers with third-party financing
  • Improve your supply chain

Take control of your supply chain and improve your profitability.

Increase return on idle cash

Improve your procurement margin by increasing your EBITDA and improving your return on equity (ROE) by using your surplus liquidity.

Generate profitability without additional risk

Generate additional profitability for the company without having to take on additional financial risk with third parties by paying your suppliers early.

Improve your relationship with your suppliers

By offering financing and an additional way to access liquidity to your suppliers, you will improve your relationship with them, positively impacting their entire ecosystem.

Avoid bank fees

Optimise your idle cash by reducing the average balances in your current accounts to avoid bank custody fees (0.50%).

Dedicated team to support your supplier

Our team will support your suppliers in registering on the platform, managing their advance payment and any problems they may have.

Costs depending on the success of the program

Our programme is success-oriented, so if you don’t win, we don’t win. Pricing is based on the advance payment ratio of your suppliers.

How does Novicap’s Supplier Payments Program work?

  1. Talk to an expert We will review your needs to check how Novicap’s Supplier Payments Program can help your business grow
  2. Personalised financial study We will perform a risk and viability study for how Supplier Payments Program can help your company
  3. Accept our proposal We will create a tailored proposal with all the costs and details for you
  4. Start funding your suppliers Novicap will take care of everything so you can start funding to your suppliers

We support businesses who work with some of the best companies in the world

Coca Cola
El Corte Inglés

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