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Bejar Signatures

NoviCap was the financial backing we needed to reposition our brand in the luxury perfumes market

The company

In the early days Bejar was dedicated to the mass production of perfume containers. Today this part of the business is merely an additional service. Since 2013 Béjar has adopted a change in strategy to reposition the brand. They offer an artesanal product made with natural fragrances and a keen eye on presentation: "a perfume within an art piece." The products are now directed towards a niche luxury market.

the financing need

The transformation of the business in the last two years has represented a large capital investment for Béjar. The firm needed higher levels of liquidity in order to continue financing the growth of the business. The long payment terms (60-90 days) imposed by their large clients have a negative impact on the cash flow and restrict Béjar's ability to consolidate it's position in the international luxury fragrance market.

Novicap's solution

NoviCap's key difference is the fact they base their risk analysis and pricing on the SME's client and the credit history, rather than focusing only on the SME's financials.

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